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A friend of mine, Joe, sent me this picture of him tackling down a 2kg stingray which he caught near a fish farm somewhere along Kota batu..meaning to say he was basically fishing along the vast Brunei river (apperently he forgot the name of the place really hehe)..Congratulations Joe, we hope you can catch an even bigger fish. All the best to you bro!

Another fishing trip to Batu Marang, and this time Mirul got the job done as he caught a Mangrove jack (Ungah) about 2kg, its been so long since we last caught this fish. It was raining heavily that night, but to our surprise we manage to catch a satisfactory amount of fish. Once again, congratulations bro!!

Catch : MJ, Kerapu, Gelama x2, Ketambak
Bait : Sliced Mullet, Small live prawns

It's been awhile since we last went fishing, so here it is our latest fishing trip. We went to Batu Marang for our usual round of fishing spot..we only managed to catch 3 sembilang and 1 gelama, a good start for us hehe..hopefully more fishing to come

Fishes caught : Sembilang x 3, Gelama x 1
Bait used : Live Prawns

guys ada 3 logo untk arh polo which 1 is better?design alom lg finalize plng eheh

Tanjong Maya is a very promising place for fishing Prawns (Udang Galah) and also Belida...unfortunately the pictures taken here is at a secret place and restricted to outsiders, orang2 nya saja buleh memancing di sini hehe...but don't worry, this is not the only place you can fish at Tanjong Maya...goodluck anglers, more updates to come insya'allah.

Fish caught: Umpak and Pahat

Baits used: Live prawns


Fish caught: Barramundi (Selungsong) and GT (lauk putih)

Baits used: Live prawns

Catch: Prawns and Catifish (Baung)

Bait: Earthworms

Batu Marang

Fish caught: Flatheads (pahat), Fingermark (ketambak), Tarpon (bulan), Gelama, Katam Kaluk, Sting ray and other various fishes from cast netting (merambat).

Baits used : Live prawns, Mullet

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